The lush South Indian state of Kerala is primarily known for its pristine natural beauty and spiritualistic ambience, hiding in its store a plethora of beautiful and majestic temples giving it the nickname of ‘God’s own Country’. Not many know that this gorgeous state has been a major contributor to India’s rich culture and history. Reigned by a number of local Dravidian dynasties and foreign colonial powers during different periods in the bygone times, no wonder, this cultural state today, is a treasure trove of architectural monuments, heritage sites and some magnificent historical forts & palaces. These age-old structures speak of many fascinating tales of Kerala’s charming past, drawing countless history fanatics, archaeology buffs and art & architecture enthusiasts from all across the globe.

Kerala’s rich historical and cultural past makes the state a unique place to visit. Every step you take in the state instills in you a further sense of admiration for the abundant historical and cultural wealth of the state. The monuments of the Kerala include temples, churches, mosques, forts, palaces, houses and mansions. All these monument together help in reconstructing the bygone era.

The magnificent forts, palaces and architectural monuments symbolises different dynasties, communities that existed in Kerala. They truly manifests the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

here is a consolidated list of  Kerala’s monuments & historical sites.

Cochin Synagogue (Jewish Synagogue)

St. Francis Church

Thalassery Fort

Bekal Fort

Krishnapuram Palace

Edakkal Caves

Rock-Cut Temples