Philately – The King of All Hobby

Collecting is one of the most firmly established hobby and archaeologists, scholar’s, research worker’s proven that earliest cave – women collected brightly coloured stones and shells. It is natural everyone considers his own hobby to be the best one like books, bus tickets, cassettes, cigarette cards, coins, clocks, currency, match boxes, medals, paintings, photos, sports cars, telephone cards. The list is endless but the most popular and universal is stamp collecting. This is because stamps have many advantages over other collectible objects such as books, coins, paintings etc. A stamp is not just a the little pieces of printed-paper with beautiful pictures or designs on them. They are not only an enjoyment to the eye but also stamps are very easy to obtains, they are not as expensive as books or coins and paintings. They take up very little room and do not need much expensive equipment to study them.

Stamp collection is not a expensive hobby, but at the same time very educative and informative. A stamp collection will know the geographical position as to where to particular state or country is situated. The history of the country, whether an independent state or a colony of major power, the capital of the country, the language spoken, the flora and fauna, agriculture, industry, the export and import, military and police forces and all other activities of the country as they are represented on the stamps.

The hobby of collecting stamps is called the kings of all hobbies. It’s advanced stage of stamp collecting is known as philately. It included the study of stamps and research carried out regarding stamps. The experts of stamps collecting is known as ‘Philatelists’. Philately is a word, which originated form Greek language ‘ Phila ‘ means love and’ Telly ‘ stands for non taxable thins. Hence love for non taxable items is called philately. Here stamps are referred as non taxable items. Therefore, it is modern terminology which is adopted for this worlds most attractive hobby.

some of the feature of stamp collecting:-

They work as cultural bridge between two countries.

The stamp collecting hobby is also a profitable and useful means of investing one’s saving and surplus money.

It is much popular among the poor as among rich, this hobby is found in the huts as well as in the palaces.

There is no depreciation the value of stamps.

This hobby affected neither by social revolutions nor by political upheavals. It is such a hobby which never looks backwards.
Many kings and head of the states and millionaires have formed valuable collections of the world. King George V, King George VI, Edward VII ( Prince of Wales), Queen Elizabeth, King Carol and Queen Mana of Raumania, King Farouk of Egypt, Former American President Franklin Roosevelt. Adolf Hitler, Maharaja Jiyaji Rao Sindhia of Gwalior, the Nawab of Bahawalpur, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and many other famous people have collected stamps