World Milk Day

World Milk day

World Milk Day was first celebrated in 2001 all across the world by the participation of many countries. The number of participating countries in the celebration is increasing year by year. Since then, it is celebrated every year focusing to publicize the activities related to the milk and milk industries all through the world. This celebration has been nationalized by organizing celebration related activities on national and international level. It is celebrated to increase the public awareness about the importance of milk and milk products for everyone throughout the whole life.

As milk is an important food for everyone and must to add in the balanced diet on daily basis, world milk day celebration has brought an effective revolution among the common public about the importance of milk. World milk day celebration brings a perfect opportunity every year for each one all through the word to get the new messages about adding milk in the balanced diet. It is celebrated by the association members on national and international level by working together to convey the message among public through lots of promotional activities.

World milk day celebration was initiated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in 2001 in order to encourage common social public about the milk and dairy products consumption as their daily diet. All aspects of the milk are annually celebrated through this event in many countries all around the world. The number of countries want to take part in the celebration is increasing every year to bring more effect.

Variety of activities related to the theme of the celebration is organized by the NGO, private and government health organizations including screen consumer education project of milk by SAMPRO (South African Milk Processors’ Organization), communication programs aiming to target markets and etc to promote milk health and nutritional advantages.

Press releases, articles, news and etc are published to highlight the nutritional health benefits of the milk among consumers. Free milk distribution camps are organized on national level engaging the local celebrities to distribute the free milk packets among children. It is celebrated by the National Dairy Council online through many activities. Various other programs like discussion, quiz competitions, sports activities, essay writing and etc are organized in the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions to encourage students.

World Milk Day Themes
The theme of world milk day 2012 was “Drink Fresh Milk, Body Fit, Smart Brain”.
The theme of world milk day 2013 was “Milk for Health and Prosperity of Southeast Asian region”.
The theme of world milk day 2014 was “Milk is the First Food for Human” and “World Class Nutrition”.
The theme of world milk day 2015 was “Milk is the First Food for Human”.


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